The Calabré brand has a long family history behind it, made up of commitment, study and work, but always seasoned with an inexhaustible optimism.

The history of the Sirianni family began in the 1970s, with the start of a wholesale business of food products, which over time gained more and more the trust and esteem of its local customers.

The strong bond with the land, the respect for its products and the desire to enhance and preserve them at their best are factors that have, over the years, all contributed to their wish to create their own brand and to complement the distribution activity with production.

The intent is to create a range of tasty and simple products, which preserve the goodness of the typical specialties of the region.

It was not an automatic transition, but a long course of study in the food sector, which began in the 1990s.

A path that hasn’t always been easy, made up of many attempts, tests and experiments, but carried out with indefatigable enthusiasm.

A long journey through the generations in which each member of the family has given their best to find that “winning formula”, and ensure that that common vision and that shared project become a concrete reality.

The Calabré brand was thus created, a real treasure trove of flavors, values and benefits, which contain and preserve the typical Calabrian gastronomic specialties from the centuries-old tradition, which goes well with tastes and new eating habits.

But the main ingredient always remains passion, that desire to do and above all to do well, that enthusiasm that supported the first steps and that today nourishes the confidence in the future.

Our philosophy

Quality, tradition and sustainability

High-quality produce

The raw materials used come from the flourishing regional crops of Calabria. The company carefully selects local producers and all vegetables are processed within 24 hours of harvesting, to keep all their healthy beneficial properties intact and to better preserve their taste and freshness.

Tradition and innovation

Tradition enriched by the most modern and efficient processing techniques are aimed at ensuring compliance with current regulations. The production plant, which occupies an area of about 1,500 square meters, allows the daily production of several thousand pieces.

Sustainability and the environment

A profound respect for the environment conditions every aspect of production. From the selection of raw materials based on the criteria of seasonality and availability in the area, to the use of simple and essential packaging. The company has been using green energy since 2011, in fact it has become self-sufficient thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic system that generates almost all the energy necessary for production.

Our products